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bool Algorithm::find_valid_sibling (  )  [private]

Find the next valid sibling of the last leaf, return true if a valid sibling was found.

Definition at line 92 of file backtrack.cpp.

References BackTrack::Solution::is_last_at(), BackTrack::Solution::is_valid_at(), and BackTrack::Solution::set_next_at().

Referenced by find_solution().

  // If the current node is not valid pass through all siblings until either
  // a valid sibling is found or the last sibling is reached.
  for (;;)
    if (max_iter != 0 && iter > max_iter)
      return false;
    if (solution.is_valid_at(level))
      return true;
    if (solution.is_last_at(level))
      return false;

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