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bool Algorithm::visit_new_node (  )  [private]

Backtrack through the decision tree until a node was found that hasn't been visited, return true if an unvisited node was found.

Definition at line 70 of file backtrack.cpp.

References BackTrack::Solution::is_last_at(), BackTrack::Solution::reset_at(), and BackTrack::Solution::set_next_at().

Referenced by find_solution().

  // If the current node is the rightmost child we must backtrack
  // one level because there are no more children at this level.
  // So we back up until we find a non-rightmost child, then
  // generate the child to the right. If we back up to the top
  // without finding an unvisted child, then all nodes have been
  // generated.
  while (level >= 0 && solution.is_last_at(level))
  if (level < 0)
    return false;
  return true;

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