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bool SetupData::parse ( const char *  name,
const char *  value 

Parse the setup parameters of the plugin.

Parse the setup parameters of the plugin.

This method is called for each setup parameter the plugin has previously stored in the global setup data.

Definition at line 37 of file setup.cpp.

Referenced by SudokuPlugin::Plugin::SetupParse().

  if (!strcasecmp(name, "GivensCount"))
    givens_count = atoi(value);
  else if (!strcasecmp(name, "Symmetric"))
    symmetric = atoi(value);
  else if (!strcasecmp(name, "MarkErrors"))
    mark_errors = atoi(value);
  else if (!strcasecmp(name, "MarkAmbiguous"))
    mark_ambiguous = atoi(value);
  else if (!strcasecmp(name, "ClearMarks"))
    clear_marks = atoi(value);
  else if (!strcasecmp(name, "Transparency"))
    transparency = atoi(value);
    return false;
  return true;

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