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Sudoku::Puzzle Class Reference

#include <puzzle.h>

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Detailed Description

Sudoku puzzle

Definition at line 95 of file puzzle.h.

Public Member Functions

bool ambiguous (Pos pos) const
void clear_givens ()
bool error (Pos pos) const
void generate (unsigned int givens_count, bool symmetric=true)
virtual unsigned int get (Pos pos) const
bool given (Pos pos) const
bool marked (Pos pos) const
Pos next_free (Pos pos=Pos::last()) const
unsigned int next_number (Pos pos)
unsigned int numbers_count (Pos pos)
 Puzzle (unsigned int givens_count=0, bool symmetric=true)
virtual void reset (bool clear_marks)
virtual void reset ()
virtual void set (Pos pos, unsigned int number)
virtual void set_contents (const Numbers &sudoku, const bool marks[SDIM])
void set_givens (const Numbers &sudoku, const bool given_marks[SDIM])
bool solved () const
void toggle_mark (Pos pos)
bool untouched () const

Private Member Functions

void compute_numbers (Pos pos)
bool correct (Pos pos) const

Private Attributes

unsigned int count [SDIM]
Numbers givens
bool marks [SDIM]
bool numbers [SDIM][DIM+1]

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